Game Trivia Catechism

A Game by Multiple:Option
Casual gaming for the hardcore gamer

About Game Trivia Catechism

Game Trivia Catechism is a game by Multiple:Option, developed as homebrew for the Nintendo DS. is a multiple-choice trivia game, testing your knowledge of video gaming. It can be played as straight trivia, or as part of a story that follows Al and Sally as they compete in the King of Game Trivia Tournament.

The Game

To play Game Trivia Catechism, or its semi-sequel Game Trivia Catechism ~The Secret of Mister X~, you need to have a Nintendo DS flash cart such as an R4 or Acekard, or you can use an emulator like DeSmuME.

Download (3MB)

Game Trivia Catechism was selected by DS Fanboy (Joystiq) as one of the Best DS Homebrew of 2008.

Game Trivia Catechism ~The Secret of Mister X~ placed 6th in the Neoflash Summer Coding Competition 2008.

Download (4MB)

The Novel

Al doesn't know why his cousin Sally would pay for his trip home, but he readily accepts. Little does he know though that she's secretly entered him into the King of Game Trivia Tournament and expects him to score the ten-thousand dollar grand prize. Unprepared for competition, can Al do what it takes to win while keeping sane of Sally's ever-increasing demands?

Based on the game by Multiple:Option, Game Trivia Catechism (also known as The King of Game Trivia) is a fun-filled and unique journey into gaming culture. And with actual trivia questions peppered throughout, you can play along too. It's the ultimate novel for gamers!

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The Soundtrack

Game Trivia Catechism had the fortune of having a wonderful chiptune soundtrack provided by the artists under a Creative Commons license. Unfortunately the original site that hosted the tracks ( is no longer around, so here is a selection of the music found from various other sources.

Track List:
"All of Us" - Eric Skiff, "Race To The Stars" - 8-Bit Terror, "[48h challenge] - A variety of Funks" - PDF format, "FINAL BOSS" - Breakfast Afternoon, "Good Moods" - Circles, "the end of the beginning" - ne7, "dear_sir_or_madam" - 777minus111, "A Walk In The Woods" - Girljoy, "Dark and Light" - Nintendude, "The Girl Oceanic Demo" - Falco Lombardi